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Pharmacy & Therapeutics (P&T) committees represent a collaboration of an institution's health care professionals that establish policies related to medications. P&T committees also establish and maintain a formulary system which aims to identify medications that are the most medically appropriate, safe and cost-effective to best serve the health interests of the patients served within the organization.

Community health centers, managed care organizations, hospitals, and health-systems, large and small, rely on the drug monograph as an evidence-based source of information for making medication formulary decisions. The drug monograph represents an evidence-based approach to evaluating a new therapy as it allows for a comprehensive review of every aspect of the medication.

This toolkit is designed to share best practices for health system formulary monographs and can be used for small community hospitals as well as tertiary care medical centers. Individualization is important as each health system is unique and the level of technology available at each type of institution may impact the level of detail that is included in the drug monograph (e.g., intravenous smart pumps, clinical decision support, clinical intervention software, etc.). Other important considerations are whether the organization serves special populations such as pediatrics, transplant, and oncology, etc.

Importantly, no single drug monograph format can meet every health system's needs; however certain core elements are essential to include when evaluating a new drug therapy. Some institutions also prepare a PowerPoint presentation along with the drug monograph. This formulary toolkit serves to assist anyone who is preparing a drug monograph or a PowerPoint presentation for formulary consideration as the essential, necessary components for both are similar.

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