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The templates, checklists, and other resources included in this section can guide your efforts for monograph preparation and presentation to the P&T Committee, next steps to implement a new formulary addition into your health-system and performing follow-up medication use evaluations after formulary addition.

New Product Checklist (MS Word / Interactive PDF)
Formulary Addition Implementation Checklist (MS Word / Interactive PDF)
Purchasing Checklist (MS Word / Interactive PDF)
Technology and Automation Checklist (MS Word / Interactive PDF)
ASHP Guidelines on MUE MUE PowerPoint Template MUE Microsoft Word Template How to Design a Medication Use Evaluation
External Resources
Veterans Affairs Center for Medication Safety. VA Medication use evaluation (MUE) toolkit. Updated July 2012. View Resource
World Health Organization. Introduction to drug utilization research. 2003. View Resource

Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy. Drug utilization review. 2019. View Resource

Institute for Healthcare Improvement. Science of improvement: testing changes View Resource

Fanikos J, Jenkins KL, Piazza G, Connors J, Goldhaber SJ. Medication use evaluation: pharmacist rubric for performance improvement. Pharmacotherapy. 2014;34(Suppl 1):5S-13S. View Resource
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